Our Process


empowerment Starts within

the only way to truly empower a brand


Our Process


empowerment Starts within

the only way to truly empower a brand

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Same process, different solutions


Our solutions are not one-size-fits all. Each organization we work with has distinct challenges and varying opportunity.


The 3 Phase Process is designed to create clear actions that reframe how your organization thinks of culture, your brand and business.

Each phase can be done separately, but it is highly recommended that we always start with Espy.


Phase 1: espy

Discovering Opportunity

Discovery is the most important part of brand and culture transformation.

  • Together we'll define goals 
  • We'll conduct organizational audits, focusing on your brand and company culture
  • Measure results against our Cross-Cultural Enterprise Readiness Metrics which indicates where your organization, including brand, is at for reaching diverse audiences




Phase 2: resolve

Creating Solutions

Once we understand which level of enterprise readiness your organization has we'll:

  • Create the best solution(s) to enhance your organization. 

Through education, new system implementation, and a custom brand toolbox--we will improve your brand and enhance your organization with cultural competence.



Phase 3: maintain

Continuing Clarity

Maintaining a brand takes the right combination of science and art. We'll:

  • Assist in developing the best guidelines and processes to communicate your enhanced brand and ideals to all stakeholders
  • Provide continued education and as needed support
  • Produce metrics for measuring outcome

Our goal is to make certain your organization has the right tools and clarity for success.


Ready to enhance your brand and culture?

Copy of Content With Culture In Mind

Brand Distinction

strategically launching brands and cross-cultural movements

Copy of Content With Culture In Mind

Brand Distinction

strategically launching brands and cross-cultural movements

Well planned. Intentional. Executed, creatively.

Mellie Blue believes that good design is good business. We make designing a brand a simple three stage process. Evalute the current brand. Develop a strategy for success. Launch a cohesive brand system that evokes emotion.


1. Evaluate

The Brand Evaluation is a series of analysis and an audit with the purpose of understanding the current state of your brand.

We’ll analyze stakeholder perception of the brand, market position, audience, competitors, values, and more!

Outcomes: Current Brand Audit, Internal Team Analysis, Competitor Analysis, Customer/Audience Analysis


2. Strategy

In the Strategy stage we’ll apply the data discovered in the Evaluation into strategic motion.

We'll focus on the brand promise, personality, and value proposition. You’ll also receive a custom Brand Toolbox that will ensure your company will always stay “on brand.”

Outcomes: Developed brand strategy, address identity, brand toolbox


3. Systems

New brand identity, rebrand, or brand refresh--- our brand systems are designed to take varying components and create a cohesive brand, communicating your vision, mission, and value.

Our purpose driven designs will launch your brand to new heights.

Outcomes: visual identity, verbal systems, print collateral, brand standards and guidelines

Our Capabilities



Website Design 

E-Commerce Design

System Design


Brand Identity Systems 

Graphic Design

Branded Films

How much does branding cost?

Budgeting for branding depends on your goals, how much you are ready to invest, are you hiring a freelancer or boutique agency or a world class branding house.  What exactly is the cost? 

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Invest In Your Brand


Change starts by investing internally

Invest In Your Brand


Change starts by investing internally

Insights. Strategy. Creative. The value we bring...

Whether you need to understand how your business is perceived globally or you need some insights on how to enrich your brand internally---Mellie Blue has you covered.

Benefit from a consultancy that is focused, agile, creative, and strategic---at a price compared to what you would pay one brand executive.

Not sure what your budget should be? Read this

Highlight offerings:

Cross-Cultural Readiness


Our Cross-Cultural Readiness helps organizations develop and refine their brand systems to reflect a culturally competent and inclusive culture that aligns with business goals and objectives.

The Three Phase Process focuses on creative and systemic solutions that lead to an enterprise culture shift. 


Cross-Cultural Readiness is ideal if you want to:

  • attract and retain people from diverse backgrounds

  • Build a truly inclusive company culture

  • Improve your company systems with cultural competence

  • connect your brand and business to a broader audience

  • integrate, engage, and empower people from diverse backgrounds 

Investment: Varies. Give us a call to discuss at (510) 852-9735

Retainer Alliance


While most of our results consist of High Impact Solutions, retainers are a great way to work with Mellie Blue. Hiring us on retainer offers you the greatest value and experience working together.

This experience is tailored to meet your specific business goals and needs. We will be an extension of your strategic team or can become your strategic team if one doesn't exist.



A retainer is great if you:

  • want to maintain an annual branding budget

  • Want to Keep cost down by not hiring full-time staff

  • Work side by side with Mellie Blue 

  • need of ongoing consultancy from an objective eye

  • would like both creative and strategic solutions

Starting at $5,000/month


Brand Distinction


Investing in your brand can be one of the most important investments you can do for your company. 

We focus on your business goals, industry, and most importantly communicating why your brand is deserving of the attention of your many audiences.

Start with a clear path for success


Brand Distinction is perfect if you're ready to:

  • understand the state of your brand identity

  • Establish a brand identity that communicates your why

  • in need of a rebrand or brand refresh

  • ready for a cohesive visual message in all of your collateral

 Packages start at $14,950

Project Evaluation (PE)


Finding a new strategic partner can be challenging. The Project Evaluation (PE) is a great way to start a mutually beneficial partnership. 

Your PE investment will be credited towards the future agreement. If you choose not to work with us you still walk away with valuable information that can be used internally or with your preferred vendor or agency. The choice is yours!



A Project Evaluation is perfect if you're ready to:


  • build the relationship through collaboration

  • have Research based analysis supporting our recommendations

  • benefit from ready to implement solution(s)



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