Same process, different outcomes

Whether the goal is to streamline your business process or design brand collateral that aesthetically communicates your vision; our approach to these challenges follow the same process.



The 3 Phase Process is designed to create clear actions that reframe how your organization thinks of culture, your brand and business.

Each phase can be done separately, but it is highly recommended that we always start with Espy.


Phase 1: espy

Discovering Opportunity

Discovery is the most important part of brand and culture transformation.

  • Together we'll define goals 
  • We'll conduct organizational audits, focusing on your brand and company culture
  • Measure results against our Cross-Cultural Enterprise Readiness Metrics which indicates where your organization, including brand, is at for reaching diverse audiences




Phase 2: resolve

Creating Solutions

Once we understand which level of enterprise readiness your organization has we'll:

  • Create the best solution(s) to enhance your organization. 

Through education, new system implementation, and a custom brand toolbox--we will improve your brand and enhance your organization with cultural competence.



Phase 3: maintain

Continuing Clarity

Maintaining a brand takes the right combination of science and art. We'll:

  • Assist in developing the best guidelines and processes to communicate your enhanced brand and ideals to all stakeholders
  • Provide continued education and as needed support
  • Produce metrics for measuring outcome

Our goal is to make certain your organization has the right tools and clarity for success.


Ready to enhance your brand and culture?