How do you properly brand a 14-17 piece band in which member rotate? My Brother and Sisters is that band. Jamie Searle is the front man of  pop orchestra and was in need of some non-musical creativity.

DEfying Moment

Mellie Blue was brought on board to develop and implement a simple, interactive, and responsive website for the band. After the success of the website we were tasked with creating the overall look and feel of the bands image through their logo and official typeface. 

Next we developed a strategic branding plan that included various ways to leverage social media beyond the obvious Facebook and twitter, but emphasizing Snap Chat and Instagram. We created a hand drawn poster design in which prints are integrated with Augmented Reality technology that links directly to the below video when a person--creating a unique band experience that ties the physical world with the digital.


Official numbers have yet come in as we are still collecting data, but core fans loved the initial offering and they have all been well received. 

Jamie loved what we came up with for his bands site so much, that he wanted us to contribute to the album art for his LP.

We designed a collage piece that knotted to the old psychedelic album art of the late 60's and 70's, but with a modern feel to it. Utilizing photo's from MB&S live shows, we were able to come up with an inside art jacket that a lot of people in KC are raving about.

Website Implementation | Graphic Design | Branding | Art Direction