Mellie Blue is a creative studio crafting smart and beautiful designs for pioneering professional services



Hi! I'm Louis Byrd, a hybrid-thinker who loves melding design, technology, business acumen and the human-experience in an effort to create brand and business solutions. 

I believe that intelligent design has the ability to streamline communication, provide clarity, evoke deeper understanding of purpose, and inspire people to take action. I'm here to help you, my fellow B2B professionals, apply this process to your organization.

Good design is good business. I'm excited to create a visually beautiful, purpose-driven experience for your business. Together, we'll do great things. 


Great branding incorporates great design, but great design doesn’t make a great brand. 


Industries I partner with, but not limited to:

  • AEC (Architecture, Engineering, Construction)

  • Career/professional focused Non-Profits

  • Financial Services

  • Healthcare

  • Legal

  • Tech

  • Well-funded Startups


Byrd Self portait 2017.png

Louis Byrd | hybrid-designer & owner


Why choose me


1. I focus solely on professional services

While consumer and lifestyle brands may be fun to work with, I love working with professional service organizations because your product is people...not stuff.

Through good design and technology, I'll help you inspire your people whether they are clients, customers, partners, and certainly your team.

2. Executing with accuracy, efficiency, and quickness

You have a business to operate, sales goals to meet, clients to wrangle, products to develop. You don't have time for unnecessary back and forth or the capacity to wait around for 6 months to receive branding work.  

For basic brand design, my turn around time is within 2 weeks.

3. I'm a great designer who also understands strategy

Many designers claim to do branding, but the reality is most don't understand what strategy for a brand is about. My approach to visual branding is to let strategy and your business goals guide the creative.

Purpose driven design is what matters, anything else is pretty art.

4. Your brand success is my focus

I take only a handful of projects at a time. When we work together, rest assured, I am focused on your business and brand. I want you to focus on your day-to-day task and I'll handle everything related to your branding needs on your behalf.

If this all sounds good...


I'm your partner in growth & design 


Mellie Blue Fun Facts

  • Mellie Blue is named after my great grandmother, Melisa "Mellie" Blue. When we meet be sure to ask why...
  • I say 'We' throughout the sight, but it is mostly me (Louis Byrd) doing all the creative. My wife handles administrative and business transactions. I do have a handful of insanely creative strategic partners to call on for larger projects when needed.
  • My job title for years was "Creative Herald" but after acquiring some new skills over the past couple years, I realize that Hybrid-Designer made more sense.
  • Mellie Blue mainly operates Monday thru Thursday.