The Challenge

Hair care for Black women has been one of the largest beauty endeavors since Madam C.J. Walker started developing and marketing hair care products in the early 1900's.  IF you search "natural hair" on YouTube their are more than 1 million results. For Monica Stevens the challenge was how do you cut through all the noise?

Defying Moment

Our approach to breaking obscurity revolved around one idea: deliver quality content. After weeks of research and watching countless YouTube natural hair bloggers, we determined that the best approach for differentiation was to focus on creating well executed content which was far from the norm.

We focused the brand on being personable and well informed.  Monica took the time to work directly with our Creative Director, Louis Byrd, to learn the basics on video production including lighting, editing, and efficient workflow practices.  

Strategically we connected with key influencers within the natural hair realm and was able to quickly build an initial following by leveraging social media, primarily Instagram. We built momentum for weeks prior to the official YouTube channel and website launch.

When we officially launched, the response was 100 times better than expected:


We came up with a great strategy focusing on inbound marketing, leveraging key influencers, being transparent and providing a great experience. Leveraging social media and word of mouth, Mo Knows Hair is beginning to make great waves in the hair care and beauty blogging industry!

  • Over 100,000 Instagram followers
  • 128,100 Facebook likes and counting
  • Sponsorships and endorsements from international hair care companies such as Dark & Lovely
  • 200,000 and counting YouTube subscribers with the channel gaining over 7.5 Million views thus far

All in 1 year!  These are not fake bot accounts by the way…all real people!

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