How will strategic branding help with growing my business?

Branding has very little to do with marketing and more to do with the actual day-to-day business. 

When you think of some of the greatest brands in the world they have one commonality and that is they all align their brand with their business. This brand-as-business methodology impacts all decisions the company makes. 

Your brand is synonymous with the "DNA" of your business. True understanding of the brand is more than just "a promise" with your end user, but it is that promise in action. 

Your brand impacts company culture through hiring, retention, employee engagement, and morale. Your brand ensures that all stakeholders, internally and externally, understand what your business is about and can effectively communicate it.  When there is a strong association with the brand, your sales team are no longer selling your product, but informing potential customers of your business greatness---and they actually mean it. 

Your brand impacts the type of services you offer and the products you develop. Your brand attracts the right strategic partners and guides your supplier chain. Your brand communicates why anyone should care about your company.  All of these have direct impact on both top and bottom lines of the business. So, why would you put branding in a marketing box?

Consumers pay a premium for products and services from great brands that they believe in. Future employees want to work for companies with a great brand they believe in. Technology, marketing, distribution, or sales will not help companies achieve market leadership. It is the brand that will. 

How will strategic branding help with growing my business?

We understand that business leaders may be frustrated with investing in failed traditional branding tactics, but that is exactly what they were--- tactics.

At Mellie Blue, we consult with companies to help them better understand how to fully align their brand with the business and we also tie in cultural competence to the equation (Learn More).  

We are offering something different.  If you want to change your culture, it is through empowering your brand that change happens.   All of this is through strategic thinking, cultural empathy, all rooted in seeing business success, and not focused only on aesthetics (although we can assist with that as well). 

When you understand your company's brand and align it throughout the business, that is how branding will help with growing your business. Great brands start within.

If interested in learning more about how exactly Mellie Blue can help you achieve this brand-as-business approach to growing your firm...see below.


Louis Byrd