The Future of Marketing

For the past few years the big rave in the business world has been social media. It still blows my mind that many companies remain obsessed with raising their Facebook likes and twitter followers, not realizing that these social platforms are quickly becoming obsolete. 

Picking on Facebook, research shows that because you have a ton of likes doesn't really help your business bottom line…(here's why)

The future of marketing is one that comes from the past…approximately 10,000 years back and that marketing tactic is called story.  

If you have been keeping up with recent trends, "telling your story" has been the buzz phrase circulating throughout the business magazine and forum space.

But what exactly does that mean?

Your story has to be authentic. Your story should be transparent. Your story should spark some type of emotion rather that is happiness through laughter, courage through triumph, tears of joy or sorrow. People today are more than ever influenced by other humans. We are constantly connected and constantly seeking connections. We are habitual sharers and purveyors of the truth (or what we believe is truth).

The future of marketing is indeed in the art of storytelling and through the medium of video production.

The average attention span of a person on the internet is 8 seconds. So when you are trying to get a message across about your brand…you have a very small window to do so. Compile that with all the noise that pulls attention in the web…well your message will more than likely come up short…unless you engage your audience.

Storytelling is a human trait that has existed since the dawn of time and when you merge a great story with video, you are now increasing your chances of conveying a message in today's society. 

Video is so powerful that TODAY 1.2 billion videos will be watched in America. YouTube is now the number one search engine. Five Vine videos are shared every second on twitter. 

Knowing all of this, only 24% of national brands utilize online video marketing. 

You see stories spark emotions. People use stories to make sense of things. Stories educate, make people laugh, and inspire them to take action. Smart brands leverage this idea.

For these reasons the future of marketing lives within a great story. 

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Challenging the system,


Louis Byrd