How much does a creative video cost?

A well put together video for branding can cost anywhere from a few thousand dollars up to 1 million dollars or more if you are a large corporation. Often time start up and small business owners have no clue what they should be expecting to pay when looking for professional services, let alone video. 

Understand that investing in a great video or video series can really help your brand connect and grow. When you are looking at hiring a producer or crew be sure you are hiring someone who not only can shoot video, but also understands marketing and the broader idea of telling a great story.

Now lets talk numbers.

The way I see it there are five types of producers: Amateur, Semi-Pro, Professionals, Premium, and Hollywood

Amateur : Cost for 2- 3 minute video $0 - $300 

The amateur is typically the person who went out and purchased a consumer DSLR and stumbled across the video capture ability. I don't like to put much emphasis on equipment, but these guys gear is usually sub-par to have any ounce of credibility.  They also don't understand a lot about scripting, shot list, lighting, color theory, editing, and just about every other aspect to producing a video. The end result is very…amateur.

  • Pros: Affordable
  • Cons: You will have a piss poor end product that will question your credibility as a business owner.
  • Best Use: Never…but you can get away with using them for internal training videos or personal blogs.

Semi- Pro: Cost for 2- 3 minute video $300-$800

Ahh yes…the semi-pro. These producers have a decent prosumer camera and typically have a better understanding on how to use it. They are usually part time wedding photographers or serious hobbyist looking to make a few extra bucks. 

  • Pros: Better quality end product (visually), Affordable, Fast
  • Cons: Wide variations of quality and lack the foundation of telling a great story
  • Best Use: Internal training, capturing educational events, blogs.

Professional: Cost for 2-3 minute video $1,000-$3,000

Yes you are investing a little more than a few hundred, but now you are dealing with someone who understands the craft of putting together a high quality video. Will your video be outstanding, mind blowing, and help you stand out amongst the pack? Probably not, but the quality will be there.  Mellie Blue doesn't often do work in this range, but we do have some options within this budget. 

  • Pros: Quality video, Professional, Affordable. 
  • Cons: Not exceptional or will help differentiate you. Run of the mill
  • Best Use: Product description, Company profile, Case Studies, Recruitment

Premium: Cost for 2-3 minute video $5,000- $50,000

Alright…I know you are looking at the investment range like W.T.F., but understand that this group of producers is where the magic truly starts happening for your branding efforts. This group typically has top of the line gear, understands all it takes to achieve a desired goal for video. They have skills or access to skills for motion graphics, special effects, music, top talent, studio, etc. When dealing with this type of producer your end result will have you saying "Wow"!  This is where Mellie Blue thrives. For larger projects we partner with some great creatives to get things done. Contact us to learn more about premium video options.

  • Pros: High Quality. Buzz piece that will truly help you stand out. 
  • Cons: Greater investment.
  • Best Use: When you want to be recognized. Service introduction, build credibility, high end case studies.

Hollywood: Cost for 2-3 minute video $100,000- $1,000,000

This is Top-Talent, No-compromise, movie trailer sh!t! Mellie Blue is not on this level…yet… but we can point you in the right direction.

  • Pros: You will have a mini Hollywood block buster video representing you.
  • Cons: Did you see the numbers…?
  • Best Use: Global brands, High end advertisement, Compelling signature piece.

Sum that Sh!t up Byrd!

If you are a growing small business or start up you don't have to spend millions to get a great video, but you do have to have a decent budget for quality and impact.  A great video can really help catapult your business if it is paired with the right brand and marketing strategy. It is a transformational experience on all levels, so wait until you can find the budget to do it right! The better the execution, the more money it will bring in.

Challenging the system,