Experience Innovation is the Brand New Design

For the past few years audiences have been foregoing a major shift in the way they choose to consume a brand.  We have moved past "pushing" brands on consumers.  As much as high quality aesthetically pleasing designs are still in demand, consumers no longer really care about how amazing something looks. Content is still king when it comes to branding and marketing, but arising is a new wave that brands should start to leverage, hone, and become experts at and that is User Experience (UX). 

Now the "UX" I am speaking up goes far beyond a website.  Real world interaction with brands is becoming the most relevant way to pull a consumer and convert them into loyal brand evangelist.

Let's face it, people are acquiring a certain level of ADHD. Attention spans are short, acquiring the little attention a brand needs is becoming more and more difficult by the day.  

UX vía real world interaction has the ability to captivate an audience.  Enlightened leaders are achieving success by crafting entire customer experiences by shaping, innovating, branding, and measuring it all. 

This evolved form of user experience is being called "Experience Innovation". 

Experience Innovation is about looking beyond the product design or features. It is about taking a broader view of customer issues and activities, finding new ways to address needs, create talk-worthiness, and fuel differentiation.

Experience Innovation is about being customer focused, not customer led. Focus groups are becoming irrelevant in todays climate.  Customers cannot tell you about the things they need, want, but have yet to imagine.  

By being where customers are at and building authentic relationships, that is the only way to address customers needs. A great brand experiences engages all senses.  It considers the environmental, physical, digital, and even behavioral expression of brand--the way employees interact with both customers and each other.

The concept of Experience Innovation isn't new.  Nike has been doing it for years now (Fuel Band is a perfect example).  Apple had it going for a while, but the past couple years they have been falling off (hence the hire of former Burberry CEO Angela Anrendts to come aboard as VP of Retail).  Starbucks restaurants have a great experience component.  

Experience Innovation is imperative to the success of any brand, so if you are not thinking this way…it's time to get on board!