Brands Can Learn A Lot From Richard Sherman


Seattle Seahawks cornerback, Richard Sherman, has been at the top of sports headlines this past week.  Is it because he is the best corner in the game right now? Not exactly.  

Sherman has a reputation of being loud, uncharismatic, and cocky.  Some say he has no class and others call him a 'thug'.

Richard Sherman is outspoken, passionate, and stands behind his product (or his skills in football).  In his own right he exemplifies the American dream, by starting from the bottom, working hard, and seizing opportunity for success.

I have watched several interviews of Sherman, and there is a methodology to his "madness". Sherman is not a 'thug,' which he beautifully denounced (watch the interview below).   

If you want to label anything to Richard Sherman, it is the fact that he is transparent.  

Transparency is what helps build strong brands, especially in todays society.  We live in a world where politically correctness overshadows honesty.  Sherman does not give 'press answers' as so many athletes are coached to do.  Is this a burden for him? I think not.

His transparency is making him remarkable.  Becoming remarkable is what all brands should be striving for.  The definition of remarkable in this case is being worthy of making a remark about.  

It doesn't matter if he his being uplifted as a hero or being crucified by naysayers, the fact remains that Richard Sherman has people talking about him.  Good or bad a conversation is going on.  Now if you look deeper than "Richard Sherman," a deeper conversation is arising. People are beginning to talk about race and social acceptance.  This goes beyond the world of US football and the NFL. 

That is the power of a strong brand. It connects people no matter of what side of the fence they are own. Not everyone likes Pepsi, but everyone knows what it is.  There are plenty of people who frown upon Apple products, but if you say iPhone, iPad, iWhateverwordyouplace…the vast majority know exactly what and who you are referring to.

I respect Richard Sherman for being true to himself and remaining grounded in the sense of knowing where he comes from and is proud of every experience.  

Again I say, look beyond the brashness, which is left on the field, and look at what the man is doing and what he is truly conveying…honesty, authenticity, transparency, boldness, drive, and being remarkable….characteristics that all brands should strive for.

Challenging The System,