Would Be Participant Says: “Hello Louis!!! Man I love your design skills.  I have a company and we are looking to rebrand.  How much do you charge for a Logo???”

SOUND THE ALARM!!!! Wrong!!! Buzzzzz!!!! Try Again

You’ll be surprised how often a representative at a company, usually a smaller company, inquires about a logo and say its because they are looking to re-brand their image.


Lets think about this…a new or modified logo will help you re-brand?

No it will not Dear Sir…

See this idea of branding and rebranding is a lot more complex than people realize.

The sole purpose of a rebrand is to signify change.  Change in not only the company look, but also the company attitude.

Seeing that a brand can be considered the summation of how your customer or clients (I call these people participants) perceive your company, when you think about rebranding it has to be clear throughout each sector of the company…sales, retail, accounting, marketing, even the cafeteria (if you have one).

Side note:  A brand is not about YOU, its what your target audience perceives you as.

Rebranding’s main goal is to reposition your company in the marketplace. Position yourself in a new light with your participants.  The end goal is to speak to your participants psyche and show them why you should be their top choice.

Rebranding can be a simple adjustment to what your company has…or it can be a complete overhaul…it depends on where your company stands in the marketplace and what you are trying to accomplish.

So as you can see simply changing a logo or maybe a stationary will prove ineffective if you do not change the attitude.  And an added caveat to that would be action changes perception.

As Always…

hmmm lets see…