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Better brand experiences start with better organizations. 

Mellie Blue helps well-funded start-ups position their brand and business for success. We help established organizations translate their brand, corporate systems, processes, and procedures to do better business in today's globalized world.

This is achieved by our focus on the intersection between your brand, business, and culture.

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Our operational approach and fresh ideas will help grow your business

Elevated company cultureimproved organizational effectiveness, and increased profits are what you can expect from working together.

By enhancing your brand systems with cultural competence your organization will have a deeper understanding of culture and how it applies to your day-to-day business.





Strategic Ideation & Execution

We formulate and execute ideas that help you solve complex challenges by aligning the brand vision with culture-driven strategy (Cross-Cultural Readiness). This experience is implemented through our 3 Phase Process

Assessments and Audits

Need to better understand the problems your brand faces? Our assessments and audits will discover new opportunities within your business and package the results into a cohesive, implementable report.  

Brand Distinction

We craft purposeful creative assets that support the brand, foster positive experiences and communicate your brands distinction.  

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Executing with accuracy, collaboration, and quickness

At Mellie Blue our top priorities are making sure your brand is culturally relevant, your people genuinely feel included, and your business flourishes. Delivering results with the highest level of accuracy, meaningful collaboration, and quickness is the only way we do business.




Extension of your team


Small is the NEw Big



Diversity and inclusion are important, but only when infused on the brand---driving relevance and accuracy throughout your business and with all stakeholders.

We help your brand become culturally relevant.


Our clients bring their business expertise. We will bring our expertise in cross-cultural strategic branding. Together we defy the conventional and elevate your brand. 

Collaboration is a priority and we seek to be an extension of your team.


If your business pain is a Goliath, consider us your David. 

Our team is small by design so we can move quickly and put most of our resources and attention to solving your problem.



  • Your business and brand will become better aligned leading to growth in top and bottom line profits
  • You will have a better understanding how to leverage your brand globally
  • You will have a more inclusive company culture leading to better development, attracting better talent and retaining them
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