The Challenge

Becton, Dickinson and Company is a global medical technology company that sells medical devices and instruments. Each year they bring together their global leadership teams and stakeholders for a leadership conference that has the purpose of igniting the team for the upcoming year. 

Mellie Blue was brought onboard to work with BD and their Biosciences devision to develop a conference booklet for all of the attendees. 

Defying Moment

We worked with the BD Biosciences team to develop a theme that emphasized a transition to more associate empowerment and customer centricity. We conceptualized a design that was modern, sleek, efficient and downright more swank than in previous years---which had been much more corporate-conservative. Initially, there was hesitation from the BD Biosciences team with this idea, but with a little encouragement and an openness to step outside of the norm (in reference to their company style), we moved forward with this new design feel.


The booklet design was a huge success at the conference and the attendees loved the fresh approach! The look and simplicity were the elements that received the highest praises from the audience. The book served as a confeence schedule, company update, and year planner. The streamline design also saved the company nearly 50% in printing fees.

Our BD Biosciences contact said several attendees wanted extra copies to share with their broader team members that were unable to attend the conference. And the cherry on top...weeks after the conference, feedback was still steadily flowing in from associates raving about the book...including the business unit President!

Goes to show taking a calculated risk and putting trust in your designer can go a long way!

Art Direction | Graphic Design | Design Layout