Helping you move forward

When you need expert input to understand the current state of your brand, prioritize what changes need to be made to address your brand culture, or point out what you should be doing more of--- our assessments and audits can help.

Brand Assessments

Whether you are trying to re-position your brand in your clients mind, enter a new market, or ensure you are maintaining a competitive edge with your competition, our expertise in brand strategy will give you the information you need for success.

We will

  • Collaborate with you to identify what aspects of your brand you are most interested in understanding. We will use that criteria to conduct an expert review your brand. 
  • Provide you with a report highlighting key strengths and weaknesses of your brand along with recommendations for improvements to help you better achieve your business goals.

Cross-Cultural Audit

If you are trying to increase diversity within your organization, build a more inclusive company culture, or compete globally, you have to understand where the gaps in your cultural intelligence are at. There may be communication or strategic issues hindering your transformation.

We will

  • Analyze all of your internal communication, processes, and operational procedures
  • Perform primary and/or secondary research on the state of your organizations understanding
  • As part of primary research, interview key stakeholders (internal and external) to gain better understanding of the company culture
  • And more

The cultural audit concludes with an Intelligence Documentary and written summary of the findings including the environment, brand, stakeholder motivations, and competition. This will all lead to improved internal alignment and ultimately be used as part of a culture shifting strategy.


Interested in receiving an assessment or audit?