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Think of us as your partners in change. 

We're strategic experts and creative pathfinders bringing new levels of cultural competence and intelligence to your company, ensuring the vision aligns throughout the entire enterprise.

We'll help you adapt your brand to changing cultures so you can better connect your organization, product, and services with people from all backgrounds---starting from the inside.

Great strategy, supporting the right process, enhanced with creativity---will lead to change that benefits all. We believe this wholeheartedly.

We are based in Kansas City, Missouri, but work around the world.


Our mission is...

To create the world where equity is the norm.




Experience Culture

We take culture to a different level

We're a strategic brand consultancy specializing in cultural competence.

Our cross-cultural approach elevates cultural intelligence throughout the organization, positively impacting the brand and day-to-day functions of the business.


More in Common

Our belief

We believe through discipline, practice, and awareness people can find a new way to relate that honors our differences as well as build on our commonalities. 


Beyond Passion

Passion is good. Purpose is better.

We purposefully thrive on brilliant ideas that foster change. We help you do the same.




Working with us

Collaboration, transparency, and the willingness to go beyond the status quo by defying the conventional are important to our process.

Our consultancy follows the 'Agile Process' when working towards solutions. We keep stakeholders in the know, deal with issues and opportunities as they arise, and keep continual communication.

Quite simply:

You Bring

Understanding of your business needs and objectives

Constraints your organization works within

Key personnel to work with

We Bring

Expertise in brand strategy and cultural competence

Highly creative, multidisciplinary team

Fast and accurate execution


Trusted by

Are you ready to implement culture-shifting solutions?


Mellie Blue's team is made up of experts from engineering, business administration, marketing, architecture, graphic design, and multimedia.

We're different from each other but our commonality is around creating amazing experiences that engage all people and positively impact our clients business.



Louis Byrd |

Principal & Cultural Brand Strategist

An electrical engineer turned principal consultant and brand strategist, Louis Byrd runs the day-to-day operations at Mellie Blue. Learn More